Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cousin's Wedding

Well, I just got back to the hotel from my cousin's wedding. It was really nice and she looked really happy. So I'm happy. Oh! I met her new husband for the first time. He was nice. Anyway, it was all really sweet and I'm just so happy for both of them.

Want to know what's weird though? Somehow, out of watching this wedding, I realized that, when I'm ready to get married, I want a big wedding. I never really knew whether I wanted a big or small wedding. Now, it just kind of hit me, like WHAM. Big wedding. Yep. Also, I want all the wedding traditions. The bouquet, the garter, toasts, the cake, and, definitely, dancing. I really have no idea where this notion came from, but now here it is, and I know that I want a big wedding. You know what would be really nice? A wedding under cherry trees, while their blooming. Don't you think that would be beautiful? I really think so. Only where would I find cherry trees to get married under? Japan? Yeah, because I'm going to fly all of my family to Japan, just so I can get married. Riiiight. Maybe I could find a cherry tree orchard somewhere? Oh, I don't know. It doesn't have to be under cherry trees, I just thought it was a nice idea.


Random Thought: Anybody else out there watch SecretAgentBob's videos? Like Charlie the Unicorn, Llamas with hats, The Cloak (prbly my favorite), or The Interview (my other favorite)?
I love watching those. His videos are so funny!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Perfect Man?

So, I'm sitting here, watching "The Perfect Man", and I just can't help thinking, "Is there really such a thing as the perfect man?" Perhaps, but I also wonder if I will ever find mine. Pretty big thoughts for a 15 year-old, right? But, here's the thing, I am a HOPELESS romantic. I mean, I cry every time I watch "Pride and Prejudice". And "Phantom of the Opera"...and "Moulin Rouge". Several others as well. So, yeah, this has been on my mind quite a bit lately. It's been around five months since my last boyfriend. Might I mention he was my first kinda-sorta serious boyfriend? And, yeah, I thought he was the perfect one for me. We didn't always get along, but that was how we liked it. We were comfortable. And I really can't help but miss it. Neither can I help but wonder if all the things he and I used to do, like sitting in the blue chair in his living room, watch movies together, eat supper that he cooked, and, yes, make out, he's doing with his current girlfriend. Truthfully, I truly expect them too. I have to wonder if he ever remembers me. If, when he sits in the blue chair with her, he remembers a time that it was me (with my bony butt) that sat with him. Or when they're watching movies in his room, if he remembers when we "watched" movies there. Or when we spent New Years '09 together, or when he came to my family's Christmas celebration and met my aunts and uncles, or my last birthday when he was on my doorstep when I got home and gave me a small crystal heart and a dozen (DOZEN!) red roses. (First time I got flowers.) Anyway, yes, if you haven't figured this out by now, I AM still kinda-sorta-maybe-a-little hung up over him.

Alright...what was I talking about before I totally spilled my guts? Oh yeah. The Perfect Man. Will I find him? Who knows? I suppose I can only hope. To be honest, I think I'm gonna wait until college to really look for that guy. Well, of course, I wouldn't mind dating some guys or anything. I'm just saying, I'm not gonna really be looking for a serious relationship, until college, when I could actually settle down with a guy. So, yeah, rants are fun.

~Keyda <3?

Random thought: Do you know any good indie bands? I would <3 you forever if you let me know of any good ones.