Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lovin' books

Today, my mother and I took a trip to Galesburg to run some errands. First place we stopped by was a party place to return some things we ended up not using at my birthday party. Lucky for me, this place also sold used paperback books. So, I went to the back to peruse the books, while the parental figure made the returns. And, what do you know, I make a find! I found a very nice copy of a book called Diary of an Ugly Duckling by Karyn Langhorne (also the author of Street Level). It’s about a woman, Audra, who goes on a reality T.V. show known as Ugly Duckling to become prettier so that she can win Art Bradshaw, who has chosen the very pretty Esmeralda Prince. It seems like a good book, and I am very excited to read it.

On our way out of the shop I noticed a pair of fake fangs, at which point I tell Mom that we WILL be coming back for those some time. While Mother was checking out, I also noticed that they carry deck cases for Magic: The Gathering; just another reason for me to come back with my wallet in hand.

Next, we went to Stone Alley Books & Collectibles, which we hadn’t been to before, but had heard about from my cousins and uncle. It was very nice to visit this quaint little bookshop, and I definitely recommend it to everyone out there. The best part is I made another find! Two in one day; how do I do it, right? Anyway, this one is called Bite Me: A Love Story by Christopher Moore. Honestly, this inside flap seemed a little confusing to me, so I’ll let you read the description here: (seems like I've just found out that it's the third book in a series...maybe I'll look for the others at the library?). Sound good, no?

After the bookshop Mom went to do a couple other errands, including stopping by Target (where I saw a book that looked good, Fallen by Lauren Kate, but didn’t get it). We drove by the theater, but didn’t really see anything good; and at the drive-in it didn’t have any movies posted on the board. So, we just came home and now here I am.

I can’t wait to read my new books, after I finish the Mortal Instruments series, of course…and linger…and, possibly, re-reading the Darkest Powers series. Why do I always get more books, even though I know I still have a bunch to read?


Random Thought: Watching Love & Basketball on ABC Family…that’s it.