Friday, December 3, 2010

Teeth update


For those who didn't know, I had braces.
As of yesterday, not anymore.
Which is, completely exciting, especially considering I had had them on for...about 4 years and 10 months....and only two pieces of gum in all the time....Obviously it was awful.
Well, now I have to wear a retainer, which isn't so bad; I just can't talk with it in. Seriously, all my 's's turn into 'sh's. I literally cannot use a 'th' sound, and making my 't's not sound like 'd's without totally enunciating is just plain out.


I am still happy.

After all, what's life without gum? And soda? And hard candy? And caramel?
But mostly gum.


Random Thought: My friend got herself an Ipod Touch this weekend, which is awesome, because she is so musically deprived, this is my chance to help her learn to love the world of music. (Once, I asked if she ever listened to Three Days Grace and she replied with a "Who?"...I almsot died.)

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